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How the CSP furthered your workplace interests in 2023

In the workplace


In late 2022, our NHS Scotland members participated in an industrial action ballot. Since then, we’ve balloted 28,000 members across the UK – achieving a ‘national turnout’ of 55 per cent. In England and Northern Ireland, members took strike action over pay and retention issues. Members in Wales and Scotland, on the verge of striking, secured improved pay awards.

While not all our goals were met, members’ actions led to significant concessions on pay for 2022-24, along with non-pay commitments – addressing issues like violence against staff and enhancing support for career development.

Beyond the NHS, we conducted a webinar for members in independent and charitable sectors – covering factors influencing pay, such as the economic climate and workforce recruitment. 

We continue aiding private sector members that deliver NHS services in obtaining the non-consolidated element of the NHS pay award.


We launched monthly organising clinics, addressing issues including loss of space, our workplace rep roles, and the NHS Staff Survey – with each clinic emphasising actionable steps for members to instigate change in their workplaces. With over 750 attendees, members said these were:

‘Friendly and informative – I feel so empowered.’ 

Our Rep of the Year awards highlighted the contributions of our stewards, safety reps, and equality reps in fostering safer, more equitable, and happier workplaces. In 2023, we received over 80 nominations – a record-breaking year.

Workplace support

Our workplace reps offer frontline assistance to members navigating workplace challenges. The introduction of Find my Rep now aids your identification of key workplace contacts.

CSP senior negotiating officers also assist with casework. Members said:

‘I’m very pleased with the support I received from the CSP, from my advisor to the lawyer I was assigned. They were very helpful, empathetic, and always willing to assist me with any matter or query I had through my journey.’

‘My officer was exceptional. Their support and guidance gave me the confidence needed to get success with my grievance.’


Our workplace reps are supported with comprehensive training. As of November 2023, over 180 new stewards and 70 new safety reps completed an induction course.  Ongoing regional and national training ensures our reps stay equipped. Nearly 250 are currently undertaking a module on equalities in the workplace.


As of November 2023, we

  • supported members in 120 HCPC cases.
  • handled 52 employment law cases.
  • reached 30 settlement agreements.
  • helped in 49 personal injury cases.

Equality, diversity and belonging

45 additional equality reps have completed induction training, and begun collaborating with workplace stewards and safety reps. Their first task involves leading a workplace survey, with results expected in December. Our equality rep pilot will extend into 2024, concluding with an away day for all equality reps.

Our three diversity networks’ committees are expanding in size. Network members have been engaged via multiple virtual events, and the joint annual networks day. The diversity networks’ CSP webpages have been re-designed to be more accessible. They now include a page on how non-members can support the networks’ work.

We’ve published our comprehensive set of equality and diversity bitesize guides. These provide reps, members, and managers access to information on equality law and best practices.

Member delegates attended all five TUC equality conferences – Black workers, disabled workers, LGBT+, women’s and young workers – with our highest ever attendance from CSP members. Our members researched, wrote and delivered motions on: 

  • violence against women and girls.
  • the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on the gender pay gap.
  • flexible working.
  • microaggressions.
  • the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on LGBTQIA+ people.  

These contributions will shape the trade union movement’s workplace campaigns for 2024.


The CSP has taken a leading role in reforming elements of Agenda for Change for Scotland.  Our senior negotiating officer secured one of two vice-chair seats on the committee where terms and conditions for NHS staff are negotiated.

We’ve had delegations at the Scottish Trades Union Congress, and the STUC’s black workers and LGBT+ workers conferences. At the latter, CSP LGBTQIA+ network member Stephanie Land provided observations of how patients have been affected by inequalities and unconscious bias in healthcare. 

Northern Ireland

The lack of pay award for 2023/24 culminated in our Health and Social Care members taking their first ever strike action.  

While lacking an executive, we’re continuing to meet with department officials and the trusts’ HR leads to progress local work within existing budgets.  


Our negotiating officer co-chaired a group that developed the Speaking Up Safely framework – this simplifies the process for Welsh physiotherapy staff to raise concerns and protect patients, the public and the NHS workforce. Extra training for reps focused on the use of all-Wales policies such as these.


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