Annual Representative Conference 2022

We look forward to hosting the 31st Annual Representative Conference (ARC) on14-15 June at the Midland Hotel, Manchester. 

2022 ARC, Midland Hotel, 14-15 June

The Annual Representative Conference (ARC) is an opportunity for the CSP’s members to meet for two days to discuss and debate matters of importance to the profession. Delegates vote on motions to propose CSP policy and action to advise CSP Council on future policies and campaigns. There is also the presentation ceremony for the winners of Rep of the Year awards

Motions approved by the ARC Agenda Committee will be published online by Friday 20 May 2022.

‘Workforce’ is the theme for the 2022 Annual Representative Conference. This broad theme addresses many key issues members face including Covid-19, work conditions, staffing levels, funding, student placements, mental health, and equity, diversity and belonging. 

How do I book travel to ARC?

If you have registered for ARC you would have receive an email confirmation of your registration detailing how you can book travel.  You will be provided access to a Trainline business account and travel agent if required. 

The conference starts at 11am on Tuesday 14 June (business meetings start from 9am) and will finish at approximately 4pm on Wednesday 15 June.  

Am I provided with accommodation?

All attendees are provided with hotel accommodation on 14 June.

Accommodation on the night of 13 June is available to those attending business meetings prior to the start of the conference on 14 June or for those whom travel to Manchester on 14 June for an 11am start is not viable.

Once you have registered please email with your request for accommodation on 13 June if this is required.

What are motions?

An ARC motion is a form of words formally proposing an action or policy to the CSP Council. Motions are debated and voted on at ARC.

As part of its responsibility for determining ARC business, the ARC Agenda Committee considers any motions proposed by CSP representative groups, in line with the ARC constitution. 

As ARC is an advisory body to the CSP’s elected Council, ARC resolutions are not automatically mandatory. Council can decide to accept or reject them.

How do I submit a motion?

Proposing groups were invited to submit up to two motions on the workforce theme or on any other relevant issue that fits within the remit of the CSP corporate strategy and within the role of the CSP as a professional body and trade union by 7 March 2022. 

You can however still submit an emergency motion.

How do I propose an amendment to a motion?

The ARC agenda, including the motions to be proposed, will be published on the CSP website on 20 May 2022. Groups may submit amendments to motions to arrive at the CSP no later than 12 noon 31 May 2022 (14 days before the first day of ARC) by emailing

The group who originally submitted the motion may not amend it.

A copy of the amendment will be sent to the proposer who should indicate to the CSP whether or not they accept it.

For further details on amendments to motions please read the ARC constitution. 

What is an emergency motion?

Emergency motions deal with business that has arisen since the final date for submission of motions, so between 7 March and 31 May 2022.  Emergency Motions must be submitted in writing by e-mail to by noon on Tuesday 31 May 2022.

After that date, emergency motions should deal only with business that has arisen between 31 May – 14 June 2022.  They will only be accepted by the Agenda Committee if:

  • it considers them to be of significant importance;
  • there has been no delay in notifying them; and
  • there is time for them to be circulated to representatives with due time for their consideration. 

Emergency motions dealing with matters that have arisen less than 14 days before the first day of ARC should be notified in writing to the CSP without delay.



Guidance for writing motions

  • Motions should be topical, accurate and concise, likely to prompt good debate, and clear and logical.
  • Groups submitting motions should align their proposals to the relevant CSP corporate strategy objectives as set out in the CSP corporate strategy 2020-2022This is intended to help ARC and Council to see how proposals might enhance the work of the Society.  It may also help to check whether your motions relate to existing CSP work or not.
  • Please ensure you read the instructions carefully in the 'Guidance for writing motions' document.

Criteria for accepting motions

  • Submitted motions are reviewed by the committee against the published criteria. Successful motions will either be debated at ARC or used to identify issues to be covered in another format such as a workshop or panel debate. 
  • Proposed ARC motions are assessed against these criteria to ensure they are clear, consistent and fit for purpose.
  • Please ensure you carefully read the 'Criteria for accepting motions' prior to submitting a motion.

What has the ARC done for the CSP and its members?

Previous ARC motions have helped to change the future of the profession in areas such as:

  • prescribing rights
  • opening membership up to associates
  • injection therapy
  • affiliating to the TUC
  • leading the way in equity and diversity issues, resulting in creating the network groups
  • employing CSP policy officers and setting up CSP regional offices

Take a look at motions discussed at the conference in 2019.

What happens at ARC?

  • Groups are invited to present their motions - speakers have a limited time to propose their motion followed by other speakers who will respond and debate.  A vote is taken on each motion and nominated reps are asked to vote. 
  • Fringe meetings - any group or committee can put forward a proposal to hold a fringe meeting at ARC. 
  • Election of the Agenda Committee reps for the next two years will take place during the conference.
  • Rep of the Year awards


Who are the ARC Agenda Committee?

  • The ARC Agenda Committee (AAC) leads on developing plans for the conference, aiming to attract up to 250 representatives from CSP networks, boards and groups. Proposing groups are encouraged to think about motions to propose along the workforce theme or on any other relevant issue that fits under the CSP corporate strategy. The ARC Agenda Committee determines the business of ARC, so that the conference achieves its purpose. The committee will consider submitted motions and oversee the management of motions. 
  • The AAC is due to meet mid-late March to consider submitted motions and proposing groups will be informed of its decisions shortly afterwards.

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