Cancellation Statement – Virtual Annual Representative Conference 2021 (vARC)

Unfortunately, we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel the virtual Annual Representative Conference in June this year due to the continued impact of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Join our 'Beyond Allyship' event on 7 July

Council is holding an online event, Beyond Allyship – A Conversation for All. The aim of the engagement event is to aid members’ personal development and support the CSP's wider work on equity, diversity and belonging.

The discussion is taking place at 5pm on Wednesday 7 July. It will be hosted by Chair of Council Alex MacKenzie with guest panellists Stephanie Nixon, Sudhir Daya and Mary Makinde.

To register and for further information, see the event listing for Beyond Allyship on Eventbrite.

Since the launch of the vARC motions process, we have received feedback that the pressure on our members at the clinical frontline is becoming increasingly overwhelming and it will be impossible for those members to engage with the process.

Members have also expressed concern that they are highly unlikely to be able to attend the two day event itself, even virtually, because, even if the pandemic has abated by June, CSP members will be exhausted, potentially burnt out and needing leave to recover.

We have consulted with the ARC agenda committee and representative groups who are supportive of this decision. However, it is important that the Council is able to hear views from the representative groups and so we are hoping to replace vARC with a number of ‘engagement events’, to provide the membership with the opportunity to discuss hot topics and to undertake Q&A sessions with Council.

The ARC agenda committee will explore options for these events and we will let members know how they can participate in these as soon as we can.

For clarity, we are not planning on holding vARC at another time in 2021.

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