Annual Representative Conference 2020

The 2020 Annual Representative Conference (ARC) will take place on Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 June 2020 at the Midland Hotel, Manchester.

Online Booking will open on Friday 28 February . If you have been nominated as a Representative or you are an Associate who wants to nominate yourself, register your attendance as a delegate using the ARC online booking link:

Annual representative conference (ARC) 2019

‘Workforce’ is the theme for the 2020 Annual Representative Conference. This broad theme addresses many key issues members face including work conditions, staffing levels, funding, student placements, mental health and diversity. Members can influence the ARC agenda about what exactly is covered by submitting motions for debate.

Proposing groups are encouraged to think about motions to propose along the workforce theme or on any other issue. Submitted motions are reviewed by the committee against the published criteria (see below). Successful motions will either be:

  • debated at ARC; or
  • used to identify issues to be covered in another format such as a workshop or panel debate. 

Proposed motions should be submitted by Friday 6 March 2020. The ARC Agenda Committee is due to meet on 19 March to consider submitted motions and proposing groups will be informed of its decisions shortly afterwards.

More information about ARC (the constitution and criteria for accepting motions) can be found below. For any further help or advice do contact Alex MacKenzie, Chair of Council.

About ARC

ARC is an opportunity for the CSP’s members to come together for two days to discuss and debate matters of importance to members, the services they offer and the health and welfare of the community. 

Who can go?

Members nominated as representatives of the stewards and safety reps networks, regional networks, country boards, professional networks, students, associates and the equality, diversity and retirement networks. Your Council members will also be there, and all CSP members are welcome to attend ARC as observers.

Why is ARC important?

It’s your group’s opportunity to have its say and influence the CSP's policies and direction.

Other questions or queries can be directed to: