Ministry of Defence trade union network

This page is for members working in the MOD or anyone interested in finding out more about it.  You can access a network of CSP stewards/safety reps working in the MOD for member support. 


The CSP - alongside your stewards and other representatives - works to defend and improve your terms and conditions and protect the services you deliver.  

You can find details of your CSP MOD representatives in your region or primary care rehabilitation facility (PCRF) by using our Find My Rep feature, or contacting our enquiries team.

What do CSP stewards and safety reps at the MOD do?

CSP stewards and safety reps represent civilian CSP members in MOD workplaces, and provide a direct route for members employed by the MOD to raise issues to the CSP.

These CSP representatives work as part of a wider team, with access to the support and advice of specialist CSP staff.

Representing you in the workplace

CSP reps also support members to raise issues that are affecting them in the workplace as individuals or as teams.  This is usually done by discussion with managers, to highlight areas of concern to avoid the use of  formal grievance or disciplinary procedures. 

  It may include consultations over changing working practices, locations or supporting members on specific issues such as time off for training and development and flexible working applications.  

CSP stewards also provide representation for members on individual issues covered by formal disciplinary and grievance procedures.

AHP regional forums

Depending on the issue,  CSP representatives can work with and through the regional AHP forums and physiotherapy leads to improve professional and employment aspects of MOD employment.

The union representative can support professional campaigns and offer another voice to highlight the concerns expressed by CSP members. 

Representing you at national level

The CSP along with other AHP, nursing and professional unions works with the trade union Prospect.  Prospect is recognised at national level by the MOD for collective bargaining purposes covering all civilian employees except doctors. 

The CSP has a formal agreement with Prospect to ensure that issues affecting CSP members at national level are brought to the MOD.  This includes the negotiation of policies and national strategies that apply to or affect the civilian workforce. 

CSP reps feed member views into the national CSP negotiators on key issues affecting members in these discussions.

Agenda For Change contracts

The MOD recognises the NHS Agenda for Change contract and employs civilian physiotherapists on a “mirror”  Agenda for Change contract. 

This means that the grading structure, use of the job evaluation scheme and terms and conditions set out in the Agenda for Change agreement are broadly applied to MOD civilian physiotherapists. 

There are some differences between Agenda for Change contracts in the NHS and MOD. The CSP works with MOD stewards and nationally to ensure that civilian MOD staff are supported and not disadvantaged with these changes. 


Pay in the MOD for civilian healthcare staff is decided by the pay awards agreed by the Government for NHS employees.

This means that the NHS Pay Review Body recommendations will form part of the Governments decisions on what national pay awards are in place for civilian MOD employees.

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