Ministry of Defence trade union network

You can join and access an informal network of CSP union representatives working in the MOD which provides peer support and a MOD specific discussion forum. 


CSP membership

CSP members are physiotherapists and can also include rehabilitation assistants who are able to join as associate members.

How CSP operates in the MOD

CSP stewards and safety reps provide representation for members on individual issues covered by formal disciplinary and grievance procedures. These rights are established in the Employment Rights Act 1996.

Informally at local level CSP reps can support members to raise issues that are affecting them CSP members on individual and collective issues that directly affect members in the workplace. This can be done by discussion with managers to highlight areas of concern before or to avoid the use of formal grievance or disciplinary procedures. This can include consultations over changing working practices, locations or concerns over specific issues such as support for time off for training and development.

The CSP along with other AHP and professional unions works with Prospect which is recognised at national level by the MOD for collective bargaining purposes covering all civilian employees.

Via a formal agreement with Prospect the CSP ensures that issues that affect CSP members at national level are taken into account. This includes the negotiation of policies and national strategies that apply to or affect the civilian workforce. The views of CSP reps will be sought by the CSP on key issues that will affect members in these discussions.

Agenda for Change contracts

The MOD recognises the NHS Agenda for Change contract and employs civilian physiotherapists on a mirror Agenda for Change contract. This means that the grading structure, use of the job evaluation scheme and terms and conditions set out in the Agenda for Change agreement are applied to MOD civilian physiotherapists. Pay awards also mirror the NHS awards.

Become a CSP steward or safety representative in the MOD

Working as a CSP steward or safety rep at the MOD offers a platform for you to represent the voice of civilian CSP members at the workplace and also with the CSP.

MOD union representatives join a national network of representatives that covers all sectors where physiotherapists are employed.

The CSP provides you with funded training, support and dedicated advice from a regional CSP officer currently with quarterly (online) meetings.

Representation within the MOD

What do stewards do?

  • Represent the members in your area where necessary
  • Recruit members, physiotherapists and assistants.
  • Give advice to individuals and can informally raise collective issues in the work place.
  • Perform individual representation for at grievances and disciplinaries
  • Provide feedback to members at meetings
  • Work with the CSP regional officer/national officer/organiser

What do safety reps do?

Safety representatives also have legal rights to undertake the following:

  • Investigate potential hazards and investigate the causes of accidents
  • Investigate complaints by any CSP member and make representations to the employer on such matters
  • Carry out inspections in accordance with health and safety regulations
  • Liaise with the health and safety executive
  • Attend meetings of the safety committee

How the CSP supports you

  • Provides you with dedicated training on an ongoing basis, with agreed expenses met
  • Assists in your professional development
  • Supports you in your role, including access to and support from the CSP Regional officer and the other CSP officers.
  • Provides specialist advice on employment and professional matters
  • Puts you in contact with the other representatives who also act as stewards and safety reps for the CSP
  • Enables effective co-operation in promoting and developing a healthy and safe workplace

For any questions about becoming a steward or safety rep in the MOD please email

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