Legal services

As a member, enjoy the benefits of CSP legal services and those provided by personal injury law firm Thompsons.


Thompsons solicitors provide a range of legal services to members and their immediate family, some of which are free.

The CSP provides legal services to members with regards employment law, copyright advice, and criminal investigation and prosecution. For more detailed information on available services, download the information paper CSP union services to members and visit the Thompsons website.

Please note: some of the services below are not available for members in the Channel Isles and the Isle of Man due to the different legal jurisdiction. For members in these areas please contact the CSP directly and speak to the national legal officer for further advice.

Thompsons legal services

Learn more about legal concepts

The CSP's Jess Belmonte and Jo Seery of Thompsons talk through TUPE, reasonable adjustments and early conciliation in three special videos further down this page.

Personal injury services

Benefit from a free personal injury scheme that covers any personal injury. Your relatives can also access the personal injury service but for non-work related personal injury claims only.

Road traffic accidents

The CSP will support members where a small claim falls within the small claims RTA track, and where the member is injured either at work or whilst travelling to or from work. Members should contact Thompsons to discuss their case.

Free legal advice on non-employment matters

Take advantage of a 30-minute free legal advice service from experienced advisors on any issue of law (except employment law, where you must contact your CSP steward or senior negotiating officer). Examples of non-work related issues that may arise are consumer disputes, road rage incidents, and disputes between neighbours over garden fence boundaries.


Take advantage of Thompsons' highly competitive conveyancing package when selling or buying your home or property.

Wills and probate

Thompsons offer competitively priced services for CSP members and your spouse or partner.

To request a will, fill out the will questionnaire.

Work-related criminal investigation and prosecution

If you face criminal investigation or prosecution arising out of your work you can receive initial support from Thompsons. All CSP members are entitled to advice and representation at an initial police station interview. This can be accessed by calling Thompsons on 0800 587 7530 with your membership number (24 hour helpline). For members in Scotland and Northern Ireland this support may also extend to representation in the criminal courts if legal aid is granted.

Contact Thompsons by phone on 0800 0 224 224 or 0800 587 7519, or via their website. Their website also has free legal guides and other resources to download.

CSP legal services

Please note that the society reserves the right to decide in respect to each case whether to support the individual member and, if so, to what level. There is unfortunately no automatic right to advice and representation.

CSP legal services (which can only be accessed via Employment Relations & Union Services ) are:

  • Employment law advice and representation: contact your local steward for initial support and information. If you have no steward at your workplace, then call CSP enquiries on 020 7306 6666 and you will be referred on to your senior negotiating officer.
  • Copyright advice: members benefit from free initial advice in respect of copyright matters and special terms for any matters that need work beyond initial advice. Contact 020 7306 6666 and ask for the CSP's national legal officer.

Video training

Learn about Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE), Reasonable adjustments and Early conciliation in three training videos. The CSP's Jess Belmonte and Jo Seery of Thompsons talk through these major legal concepts.

Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment)

Learn about the 2014 changes to TUPE legislation in England, Wales, and Scotland. The video is aimed at CSP stewards.


Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) from on Vimeo

Learning objectives

After working through the video and related documents below you should:

  • be clear on the main changes arising from the new Collective Redundancies and Transfer of Undertaking (Protection of Employment) regulations in England, Scotland and Wales
  • understand the impact on changes to contracts and when an ETO reason will apply
  • be able to explain the impact of the new regulations in a range of situations including unfair dismissal, change to a collective agreement and a change to the place of work
  • understand the impact on the duty to inform and consult
  • understand the impact on collective consultation rights for redundancy
  • be clear on what action stewards and members should take when facing a TUPE transfer

In light of what you have learned, consider the advice you could give to the CSP members in the case study.

Early conciliation

This video explains the new requirement to contact ACAS for 'early conciliation' prior to making a claim at the employment tribunal. This video is aimed at CSP members.


Early Conciliation from on Vimeo

Learning objectives

Following viewing of the Early Conciliation video you should:

  • understand what early conciliation means and when it came into force
  • be clear about when early conciliation applies
  • understand more about when to contact the CSP steward if there is a problem in the workplace
  • understand how to contact ACAS and the procedure to follow
  • understand the time limit for employment tribunal claims
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