Hating exercise

I hate ‘exercise’

You’re not alone! Whether it’s bad memories from school or a more recent experience, many people are turned off by the idea of exercising.

But exercise doesn’t have to mean the gym and the sheer breadth of ways to be physically active may surprise you.

Whatever you choose, the following advice may help you stick with it:

  • Find something that interests you and make it purposeful. 
  • It’s common to feel anxious or even embarrassed when you start something new, especially when everyone else looks like a pro!  Take your time and focus on your own activity - chances are everyone is busy doing the same.
  • Set yourself goals and celebrate milestones. Then set yourself new ones and go again.
  • Take a buddy along with you – evidence shows that makes you more likely to keep going.
  • Don’t like the activity you’re doing? Try another – the most effective activity is the one you’ll actually do, so make sure you’re enjoying it!