Making your symptoms worse

I worry I will get injured or make my symptoms worse

It’s understandable that many people with long-term conditions are wary of taking up a new activity.

The fear of the unknown is strong, especially when it relates to your quality of life.

So it’s very important to know that the chances of injuring yourself are small, whereas the risk associated with an inactive lifestyle is significant.

That means being active is a positive step towards putting yourself in control of your health.

You might find the following advice from physiotherapists helps to reduce your fear and taking on a new activity:

  • It’s common to get mild aches and pains when you start something new. This doesn’t mean you have hurt yourself or made your condition worse.
  • Starting small and building up slowly is really important.  This will help you to build confidence and get to know how your body responds to these challenges.
  • Seek expert advice on technique if learning a new skill to reassure yourself that you’re doing it right.