Active stories: Margaret Cox

Margaret Cox, 67 years old is a retired teacher from Hertfordshire. 


‘I have always been active. I played badminton for 40 years but as you get older you inevitably suffer from injuries. I tore a cartilage in my right knee and had a few appointments at the hospital where they discovered arthritis in the knee. It wasn’t sever enough to operate but it was important that I continued to be active.

I recently found out from a visit to a chiropractor, that I have scoliosis of the spine. After almost a whole year of making adjustments and doing specific exercises I realise the importance of regular exercise and deportment to strengthen the muscles to protect our ageing joints.

I try to do at least an hours activity every day. I play badminton, do circuit training, walk, cycle and dance. I like to do fun activities that involve other people so that it is a social occasion too. We laugh a lot so it makes you feel happy and connected.

I would say to anyone who is worried about doing exercise or not feeling especially motivated to simply just try it. We aren’t aiming to be athletes but simply to keep moving.’