Informatics education

The knowledge and skills you will need to imbed informatics in your work.

Improving the baseline of informatics knowledge and skills 

Education tool to be launched in summer 2024

Together with informatics and education subject matter experts, the CSP has developed a course as an introduction to informatics for the physiotherapy profession. This was intended to be the education section of the Physiotherapy Health Informatics Strategy (PHIS), which was led by the international literature review, gap analysis against the HEE UK AHP Digital Competence Framework, and findings of a 2022 survey of the current digital competence of UK AHPs. 

The CSP was commissioned by NHS England to develop this further as an introduction to informatics for all AHPs. The CSP PHIS team has worked collaboratively with other AHP professional bodies, Keele University, and other stakeholders to develop this resource. It is intended to be accessible by all UK AHPs regardless of geographical location, profession, experience, and employment sector. 

The link to this resource will be shared in summer 2024 when we expect the resources to be launched by NHS England. 

If you have any questions about the resources, please email the PHIS team at

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