Physiotherapy Health Informatics Strategy – aims and objectives

The Physiotherapy Health Informatics Strategy (PHIS) will run from 2022-2027, with wide-reaching objectives for the profession

The PHIS aims to:

  • Provide a platform to engage, educate and enable members of the physiotherapy profession in embracing and implementing informatics
  • Cultivate a culture to optimise the use of informatics to enhance healthcare provision, research and education delivered by and involving the physiotherapy profession
  • Build the capability of our current and future physiotherapy workforce to embrace and actively engage with health informatics at an individual, organisational and national level
  • Understand and explain a broad range of potential barriers, and the enablers that will support the implementation of informatics in physiotherapy

To achieve these aims the three strategic objectives of the PHIS are:

  1. To improve the knowledge, skills and confidence of the profession in digital and informatics literacy (individual level)
  2. To place informatics as a central part of transformation plans, cultivating a culture of co-design, supported by quality data to improve services and healthcare outcomes (organisation level)
  3. To influence and shape the national agenda, policy and guidelines on health informatics in physiotherapy (national level)
Ash James
CSP director Ash James

CSP director of practice and development Ash James says: 

Everyone needs a base level of knowledge that will be delivered through the PHIS. I challenge the whole profession to expand your health informatics knowledge and skills, and use this expertise to drive improvement and care for all.

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