Implementing the Physiotherapy Health informatics Strategy

Our Physiotherapy Health informatics Strategy (PHIS) will run until 2027. What are the practical applications across the profession?

What is happening in the first phase of the PHIS?

Practical applications

Through the course of the PHIS we will gather guidance for members of the profession on identifying opportunities, giving some simple advice to get started and showcasing some of those individuals/team already experiencing success.

We will continue to add resources in this section as receive them from members. 

Share your ideas and best practice

If you have a physiotherapy informatics success story that you wish to share with the CSP team, then please email us at


Together with informatics and education subject matter experts, the CSP has developed a course as an introduction to informatics for the physiotherapy profession.

These resources will be shared in late 2023 when they are launched by NHS England. 

Find out more about the developments

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