Developing the Physiotherapy Health Informatics Strategy

Expertise from throughout the profession has been harnessed to create the Physiotherapy Health Informatics Strategy (PHIS)

Although numerous digital and informatics strategies have been published in recent years by different organisations, their impact on the physiotherapy profession has been limited. None of the strategies focused exclusively on the profession so, at the end of 2021, the CSP began developing the PHIS alongside subject-matter experts, the DIPG and CSP members.

Evidence for the PHIS

The literature search and gap analysis that led to the development of the PHIS are in pre-publication with an internationally renowned journal. They will be shared on the website once published.

The CSP PHIS team

Meet the PHIS team

If you have any questions about the strategy, please email the team at

The CSP team managing the PHIS are Matt Liston (head of research and development), Jackie Lidgard (professional advisor), Euan McComiskie (health informatics lead) and May McDermott (programme co-ordinator – not pictured).

The development and implementation of the PHIS has been supported by an internal steering group of:

Abi Henderson, Euan McComiskie, Henry Rummins, Jackie Lidgard, Jenny Andrew, Matt Liston, May McDermott, Sue Hayward Giles and Ruth Ten Hove.

It has been supported by an external advisory group of:

Aidan Rooney, Anthony Gilbert, Chris Tack, Christina Sothinathan, Divya Narasimhan, Dylan Powell, Jemima Kola-Abodunde, Kirsten Lord, Laura Cameron, Lesley Holdsworth, Liba Sheeran, Linda Vernon, Mel Martin, Peter Cumpstone, Pippa McCabe, Rachel Stockley, Robert Minter, Susan Irving and Valerie Sparkes.

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