Physiotherapy Health Informatics Strategy (PHIS)

Your guide to practising physiotherapy in the digital age.

PHIS: practising physiotherapy in a digital age

What is health informatics?

The Department of Health and Social Care describes informatics as 'the knowledge, skills and tools that enable information to be collected, managed, used and shared to support the delivery of healthcare and to promote health and wellbeing'.

We want to explore how health informatics can improve the working lives of the physiotherapy workforce, the services provided, and patients' outcomes and experiences.

Developing the informatics strategy

The Physiotherapy Health Informatics Strategy (PHIS) is being developed to optimise the appropriate use of technology in the design and delivery of physiotherapy services, to support the workforce and to maximise the health outcomes of patients. It is being developed in line with the findings of an international systematic review of digital health guidance, and shaped with the support of subject matter experts and members of the CSP.

We intend for physiotherapists to use the PHIS to improve their knowledge and skills in informatics, and as a resource to support them in reviewing and improving the services they offer to patients.

Share your views on the PHIS vision

Ahead of the expected launch of the PHIS in October, we would like members of the profession to contribute to the content and structure. We would be very grateful for members of the physiotherapy profession, regardless of role or any previous informatics experience, to answer the following questions. All responses will be anonymous and will be stored securely by the CSP in line with GDPR guidance while we develop the PHIS further. They will be deleted when they are no longer needed.

The survey will be open until 21 August.

Please scroll down within the survey to see all 9 questions.

Thank you for completing this survey. Your contribution is a vital part of ensuring the PHIS has a positive impact on the physiotherapy profession.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Euan McComiskie.

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