CSP to consult on 2023/24 pay offer from Scottish government

Following early talks with the Scottish Government, the health unions now have an offer for next year’s pay for NHS staff.  The offer will be put to members in the NHS in Scotland, with our member pay sub group recommending members accept the award. 

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CSP reps call for a fair pay deal for all NHS staff

Our consultation on this coming year’s pay award will open 22 February and close on the 17 March.  The offer is not only for a percentage uplift but also includes a number of other elements for discussion in the future.  CSP members have already accepted the Scottish government’s final offer for 2022/23, which has since been imposed.

There are three elements in this pay offer

  1. A percentage pay increase.  For most staff this will be 6.5 per cent but for those at the top of band 8a and above there is a cap of £3,755 and a minimum payment of £1,548 for the lowest two pay points  
  2. An additional one-off payment which is equivalent to three calendar months value of the difference between the 2022/23 pay rate and the new pay rate.  This will be pro rata and will be non-consolidated  
  3. Commitments to modernise Agenda for change to support workforce recruitment, sustainability and retention  

Claire Ronald, CSP senior negotiating officer said: 

The Scottish government has kept to its commitment to have early pay talks, and has made a final offer that increases pay for most staff by at least 6.5 per cent. Whilst the offer is not all that members deserveit is another significant step towards restoring the real value of NHS pay particularly given the projections that inflation will fall below this level later this year. 
In addition to the pay offer, there are other elements of reform to terms and conditions that could deliver real benefits to members, improving the overall package.

Next Steps 

All trade unions in Scotland are currently consulting on the offer and will meet to discuss the overall outcome which will then be shared with Scottish government.  If the offer is accepted by the trade unions then it is expectedit will be in April pay packets. 

Please ensure your  membership details are up to dateIf you work in the NHS in Scotland and have not received an email invite to the consultation by Thursday 23 February, contact CSP enquiries team.

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