Scotland NHS pay offer accepted

CSP members working in the NHS in Scotland have voted overwhelmingly to accept the pay offer for 2023/24. 

Demos across the country call for fair pay for NHS physios

In an online ballot, 88 per cent voted in favour of the offer on a turnout of 48 per cent of eligible members.

All other health unions in Scotland also accepted the offer.

The offer itself has three elements:

  • A percentage pay increase.  For most staff this will be 6.5% but for those at the top of band 8a and above there is a cap of £3,755 and a minimum payment of £1,548 for the lowest two pay points  
  • An additional one-off payment which is equivalent to three calendar months value of the difference between the 2022/23 pay rate and the new pay rate.  This will be pro rata and will be non-consolidated  
  • Commitments to modernise Agenda for Change to support workforce recruitment, sustainability and retention  

Details of the 2023/24 offer 

Next steps

The CSP will now work with other health unions and the Scottish government to secure this increase in April’s pay slip. 

In the meantime, the CSP has raised with the Scottish government the impact the one-off payment can have on those who have benefits and secured a commitment from civil servants to raise the issue with relevant departments.

Members will be aware that the strike action undertaken by members in England has eventually resulted in the Westminster government coming to the negotiating table.  

Reopener clause

Pay deals in Scotland have a reopener clause in them and the CSP will be reviewing the offer in England to see if it could have any impact on agreed pay offers.  

However, no action could be taken until that deal had been accepted by the members in England, so it will depend on the outcome of the consultation on the offer.

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