CSP members rally for catch up NHS pay rise

NHS physiotherapy staff joined other public sector workers at a rally on Tuesday in London’s Parliament Square to demand a catch-up pay rise.


CSP members gathered at the rally to call for a catch-up pay rise for NHS staff

The TUC coordinated rally followed a lobby of MPs earlier in the day that aimed to influence the government to deliver real terms increases after seven years in which pay has fallen behind the cost of living.

Speaking amid rapturous applause, the CSP’s Jill Taylor said: ‘We’re just trying to do our best for our patients, but it feels like we’re getting hammered from all sides, every day. Morale is the worst it has ever been. My pay doesn’t begin to cover all the unpaid overtime we put in.’

Ms Taylor, a physiotherapist, CSP steward and chair of the society's industrial relations committee, added: ‘With inflation reaching its highest levels since April 2012, the pay cap is starting to bite hard now. I live within my means, but my means are getting smaller and smaller every year.’

Midwives, radiologists, dieticians and other health workers were a strong presence at the event and highlighted the NHS union pay claim of 3.9 per cent plus an £800 consolidated lump sum.

Among CSP members who attended was Anthony, a band 6 physio and recently elected steward. He said: ‘It’s important to represent members’ views on pay. The government needs to start listening to all workers in the NHS, all we are asking for is a fair deal.’ 

Meg, a band 7 physio agreed: ‘It’s unfair, for the work we do, that we don’t get recognised. Everybody complains about how little they are paid. But it’s good to come here and try to do something about it.’

A number of physio students attended, among them Christina, who said: ‘We care about the NHS and pay levels directly link to our future.’

The CSP is urging all members to email their MP and / or arrange visits to their MP in their local constituency surgeries.

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