Thousands strike, march and rally for pay and right to strike

The government was urged to negotiate with unions over fair pay and withdraw draft legislation curtailing the right to strike as hundreds of thousands of workers took strike action, marched and rallied across the country today.

Right to strike rally
Workers marching in London in support of the right to strike. (Photo credit: Andrew Wiard @reportphotos)

In what was the biggest day of industrial action in more than a decade, teachers, train drivers, civil servants and university lecturers were among those walking out.

CSP staff and members joined TUC and union actions across the country, in defence of the right to strike and in solidarity with their fellow trade unionists.

Union members across a range of public and private sectors of the economy are campaigning for better pay for their members amid the cost of living crisis, with inflation now around 10 per cent.

Right to strike rally - February 2023
CSP members exercise their right to strike on 26 January 2023.

Protect the right to strike

CSP members are undertaking a second wave of strike action next week over pay, across Wales and at 33 trusts in England.

CSP director Rob Yeldham tweeted: 'CSP members are exercising their right to strike (pun intended!) over unfair pay and the resulting staff shortages.

The UK government wants to introduce draconian powers for minister to ban strikes in designated essential services, with sanctions on strikes and unions if people refuse to work as ordered

'56% of the public support CSP members going on strike for fair pay. We observe long standing arrangements in healthcare to maintain essential services for the most vulnerable patients during strikes.

'There isn't a need for laws on grounds of public protection or even public concern. This is a not very subtle attempt to tie us up in defending members' rights and divert public attention from the fact the government is refusing to actually negotiate with unions.'

Sign the TUC petition

TUC general secretary Paul Nowak said: '[Striking workers] are losing pay, they are not being able to deliver the services they are proud to deliver to the public. It’s been months now and still the Government hasn’t sat down and seriously talked about a real pay rise for our public sector workers.

It really is now the responsibility of Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt to get round the table and make sure the resources are available to fund decent pay in our public services

'I would hope that they are not actively seeking a confrontation with unions but what I would say is they are trying to push through what is a particularly spiteful piece of legislation.'

Next week CSP members who are not striking are urged to show solidarity with striking CSP members by visiting picket lines.

Information on picket line locations is posted here and is updated regularly as details are confirmed.

All CSP members can take action today to protect their right to strike by writing to their MP and signing the TUC petition  

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