CSP highlights the needs of our members to the NHS pay review body

CSP representatives met with the NHS pay review body (PRB) yesterday to further our members' interests around pay, terms and conditions.

Pay scales

CSP reps Jill Taylor and Michael Mander, along with CSP assistant directors Elaine Sparkes and Jim Fahie joined a pay review body (PRB) evidence session yesterday, to raise issues on NHS pay, structural issues in the pay spine and the long-term workforce plan. 

The 2024-25 pay award was top of the agenda and the PRB were presented with the CSP’s position that members need a percentage consolidated uplift that is above inflation and not just marginal.

However, the CSP also pointed out to the PRB that consideration needs to be given to members who are lower paid and the potential benefits of having a hybrid award with a flat cash amount at the lower end. 

The CSP delegation also outlined that there are structural issues within the current Agenda for Change pay structure and evidenced particular issues for band 7-8a and band 8. 

There was also discussion on the NHS Long-Term Workforce Plan with the CSP putting forward arguments for recruitment and retention, including apprenticeships, the sustainability of international recruitment and the impact of private practice on the NHS. 

Jill Taylor, CSP steward and chair of the CSP employment committee, said: ‘It was important to sit down with the PRB at this stage to put forward the needs of our members.

The government’s devastatingly slow start to the pay-setting process means we’re already on an uphill struggle. Because of this, and the economic difficulties faced by members, we need to take this and every opportunity to move the process along.

Meanwhile, Michael Mander, CSP steward, said: 'It was a good opportunity to put forward the CSP position on other important issues, such as career progression and work related stress. However, the most important topic we were able to raise, on multiple occasions, was the impact of below inflation wage rises over the last few years, the effects this has had on members and why the CSP are calling for an above inflation pay rise.’ 

The PRB is tasked with preparing recommendations to put to the governments in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, who then determine the NHS pay award. 

The government’s delays in starting the pay-setting process in England - and then presenting its evidence - is likely to mean Agenda for Change staff waiting far longer than they should for the 2024-25 pay award.

It is not expected that the PRB will publish their recommendations until May, after which it is on government to put forward a pay award. In the meantime, the CSP will engage with the process. 

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