CSP London team

The CSP employs a team of staff to provide a breadth of services to members in your area

London area

We know that some issues are best handled on a local level, and that every area of the UK has different needs.

Whether you want to stop the closure of a treasured resource, you are worried about particular problems in your NHS trust, or you would like guidance about how to influence the commissioners in your local health care system, we are here to offer guidance and practical help. 

This includes:

  • Campaigning
  • Professional advice
  • Influencing
  • Employment relations
  • Workplace issues

Meet the London team

Contact the London team

Call our Enquiries Team on 020 7306 6666 or email enquiries@csp.org.uk

CSP professional advisor

Hui Jie Chia is the CSP professional advisor for the London region.

CSP campaigns & regional engagement officer

Catherine Chappell supports the work of the London regional network and local events, as well as supporting members with campaigning and influencing. Find her on Twitter @CChappellCSP

CSP senior negotiating officers

Penny Bromley, Nic Smith, Donna Steele and Helen Purcell are the CSP's senior negotiating officer overseeing the local stewards and health and safety reps network and employment issues.

CSP organising officer

Jack Holroyde is the organising officer in the London area.

In your area

Practitioner helping a patient to support themselves on bars
Stewards can help you organise against loss of space

The CSP is working to improve working conditions in the city, through stewards and workplace reps.

One example of a 'workplace win' is in north London where the CSP supported staff to work collectively to campaign for the return of lost practice space.

The neuro, respiratory and falls prevention teams saw two gyms re-purposed during Covid. Joanna, our CSP steward, was approached to look at what was needed to move things forward with the return of the spaces. 

Joanna had regular conversations with CSP staff – with trade union negotiators, professional advisers and the campaigns and regional engagement team. She said: ‘They provided great support, offering different ideas of how to keep the conversation moving, including contacting MPs and the press as last resorts'. 

Following a couple of months of member-led pressure, the team got the news that one of the gyms was being returned, with progress being made on the other space. 

Member-led network

CSP members in London run a regional network for the benefit of local physios, including organising events and networking opportunities. Find out what's happening near you and how to get involved.  

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