London Regional Network

The CSP London Regional Network is driven by local CSP members working towards organising activities and events.

Katie Knapton, who is active in the South East Coast regional network, explains what she gets out of being part of the network.

The CSP London Regional Network is for all CSP members who live, work or study London. 

CSP regional networks help members connect with others, and make the most of being part of the profession at a local level. Whether that's learning from other’s successes or challenges, promoting the profession in your region or influencing local decision-making – taking an active role in your area strengthens the profession and benefits individual careers too.

Regional networks host a variety of virtual and in-person events throughout the year on topics that are closely aligned to the profession’s strategic aims – so that members get the support, resources and inspiration they need to achieve as professionals and also for the benefit of local services and patients.

The networks also have a presence at the CSP’s Annual Representatives Conference, which enables local issues to be heard on a national platform so that CSP Council can ensure the organisation's work is aligned to the needs of members and patients.

CSP English regional networks play a key role promoting physiotherapy in the region as well as exerting influence on decisions that impact on services regionally and locally. As well as creating an opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, the CSP local events give you a chance to campaign on behalf of the profession and learn some new skills to support you with influencing.

How you can get involved

Get in touch


Kemila Goppy, Chair of the CSP London Regional Network, is contactable at 

Core Members: 

  • Kemlia Goppy (Chair) 
  • Chris Whittle (Vice-Chair)
  • Angela Webster
  • Emilia Amalraj
  • Sam Bhide
  • Claire Fordham
  • Saadiyah Hussein
  • Harjit Kaur Maras
  • Samantha Preston
  • Shu Xiaoyi

Catherine Chappell is the CSP's campaigns and regional engagement officer for London, who you can contact at: or via Twitter @CChappellCSP. 

Catherine is part of a CSP team of staff who provide a breadth of services to members in the capital covering: campaigning, clinical advice, influencing, employment relations, workplace issues and member engagement.

Meet the CSP London team

Network events

Learn about upcoming activity, access resources from previous events and read stories relevant to physios in the capital.

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