Receiving a flexible working request

What to do when you receive a flexible working request as a service manager? 

What to do on receiving a request

Managers should read your employer policies, and speak to HR if you have any doubts about your local process.

At a minimum, you and the employer must deal with a request in a reasonable manner and give a decision within 2 months. 

  • ‘Reasonable manner’ is not defined by law, but you should by familiar with the guidance in ACAS’ Code of Practice.
  • NHS managers must also meet the expectations of Section 33 of the NHS terms and conditions handbook, and follow your employers’ local policies.

Reject with caution!

The employer can only refuse a request for at least one of the eight specific business reasons.

NHS employers are expected to agree an escalation process for requests that could not be mutually agreed. See Sections 33.14 to 33.18 of the NHS handbook.

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