Our values

At the CSP our goal is to create a culture which is characterised by innovation, respect, encouragement, passion and teamwork.

As a company, our values:

  • Guide what we do and how we do it to have the greatest impact for our members. 
  • Help us to strive for continuous improvement and to be the best at everything we do.
  • Inspire us to work in a way that embodies our values of learning, courage, inclusive and integrity.

Our shared values are part of our organisational DNA, and reflect the expectations we have of ourselves and others. As described below:



I give and use constructive feedback to improve the performance of myself and my colleagues.

  • I make time to learn and help others to learn.
  • I reflect on how my behaviour impacts upon others and act accordingly.
  • I learn from others outside and across the CSP.
  • I learn from both success and failure.



I trust and empower people to do what they are expected to do.

  • I take responsibility for finding my own solutions and asking for permission less.
  • I approach difficult conversations and tough issues positively and sensitively.
  • I am prepared to question the way we do things and am open to challenge in order to improve.
  • I take calculated risks in order to try new things with confidence.



I consistently challenge my own and others assumptions and behaviours that contradict the CSP values.

  • I build trust through honesty, reliability and consistency.
  • I focus on results, finish what I start and work with others to deliver the CSP mission.
  • I take responsibility for understanding my personal contribution to the CSP mission.



I understand, value and make good use of the difference of others.

  • I value the contributions and ideas of others and give credit wherever it is due.
  • I work collaboratively to get the best outcome for all our members.

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