Write to your elected representative about loss of space

Use our template letters to ask your local elected representative to make representations on your behalf to your hospital leadership team about restoring or protecting rehab space and services.

How to use the template letter

Download the template that applies to you:

To find the name and contact details for your local elected representative, click on the relevant link below and enter the postcode of your hospital trust:

Edit the letter to add your details and the name of your trust or board, then email it directly to your local elected representative.

It would be great to hear from you if you're planning to do this. Contact us at cre@csp.org.uk to let us know, or to ask for further support. The campaigns and regional engagement team is here to help!

We are also happy to assist with any response you receive from your elected representative, including if they want to visit your service. This is to be encouraged to highlight the difference that rehab makes to patients and to raise the profile of the profession.

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