Loss of physiotherapy or rehab space – write to your CEO

CSP Stewards can download our simple intervention letter and send it to their CEO to make sure CSP members are properly consulted before any temporary or permanent changes of space are made. If you are a member, you can show your steward this letter. 

Have you lost any physiotherapy or rehabilitation practice space? Is this a barrier to vital physiotherapy services restarting? Working with your steward, by sending this intervention letter, we hope to achieve a date for consultation from the CEO and senior management in writing, or a risk assessment if they are unable to do it now because of the pandemic.

  • Find My Rep - use this tool to locate your local steward

If you don't have a CSP steward at your place of work, contact organisers Iain Croker (crokeri@csp.org.uk) or Alice Spilsbury (spilsburya@csp.org.uk) and they will assist you.

Starting a dialogue with the CEO or senior management

First, choose the template letter suitable for your location and then contact your CSP steward and, together, send this letter to management. You can edit it where appropriate. 

Always report any loss of space or barriers to physio services to your steward, especially if they are based at another site from you.

If you do not know who your CSP steward is, let us know and we'll help you.

What to say

Working with your steward you can use the above template letter and/or send an email to highlight where space has been lost (or any other issue preventing physio services) and to request the following information:

  • How long the loss of space will be in place – ask for confirmation that it is temporary
  • A date/timeframe for when the space will be returned to physiotherapy
  • A request for a risk assessment of the impact on patient care
  • A risk assessment of the impact on members health – for example, stress/close proximity working/impact on confidentiality and so on
  • Ask for a copy of the equality impact assessment (or check that they have completed one)

The important point is to begin the dialogue with management. These situations often arise from good intentions around responding to a crisis, but it's vital you and/or your CSP steward is kept informed and consulted. It shouldn't have to be a guessing game! 

For any questions about loss of gym space or similar barriers to restarting physio services please email us at RightToRehab@csp.org.uk

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