Women's health: menstruation

While for many women menstruation does not cause major difficulties, problems can arise for those who suffer from very heavy and/or painful periods or debilitating menstrual conditions

If menstruation is affecting your ability to work, your employer should put reasonable adjustments in place

What to do if menstruation affects your work

If you find menstruation is affecting your ability to attend work, you should see your occupational health service or GP. When your employer is made aware, they could offer practical and reasonable adjustments for you at work, such as a temporary change of duties, additional toilet breaks or flexible working. A good employer would also modify the trigger levels for their sickness absence procedure.

Your employer is obliged by law to provide 'suitable and sufficient' toilets and either separate facilities for men and women or single-person facilities lockable from the inside.

They must also provide suitable and sufficient washing facilities, including showers where necessary owing to the nature of the work or for health reasons.

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Every member of a team can succeed when those in need of additional assistance is provided with reasonable adjustments.

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