Reasonable adjustments

If you have a disability, your employer has a legal duty to make reasonable adjustments if you need them to carry out your work, or to be able to start a new job.

A wide range of disabilities can be considered for reasonable adjustments, including physical, mental, visible and invisible.

Every member of a team can succeed when those in need of additional assistance is provided with reasonable adjustments.

This resource is written for CSP members and trade union representatives. It considers:

  • the legal framework for reasonable adjustments
  • the types of reasonable adjustments employees can ask for
  • the process for agreeing them with their employer
  • arrangements for reasonable adjustments in the NHS
  • checklists for members and CSP stewards and Health & Safety representatives
  • case study examples, including neurodiversity¬†

Workplace wins

If you are a CSP workplace rep and have supported a member to secure reasonable adjustments at work, or negotiated employer policies and guidance on the topic, tell us about your workplace wins here.

Frequently asked questions

Find out what a reasonable adjustment is and how you can request one, along with the answers to more frequently asked questions.

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Frequently asked questions about the Regions

Checklist for members

Guidance to help you if you are returning to work after developing a disability, or starting a new job and might face challenges because of a disability.

Checklist for members
A member completes the reasonable adjustments checklist

Checklist for CSP stewards and health and safety reps

Key action points and considerations for CSP stewards and health and safety reps when conducting casework or negotiating policies and procedures. 

Checklist for stewards and reps
Checklist tick blocks demonstrating progression through the CSP reps' checklist

Case study - Neurodiversity

This case study provides insight into the process of a member of staff with neurodiverse characteristics requesting reasonable adjustments at their workplace.

Read Sam's story
A happy physiotherapist and team following reasonable adjustments.

Resources on reasonable adjustments

A quiz, learning video and exercises for CSP stewards, health and safety reps and members to develop their understanding around reasonable adjustments.

Access the resources
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