Protecting pregnant workers and new mothers

If you are pregnant, have recently given birth or are breastfeeding, use this information to mitigate work-related risks to yourself, your unborn child or your new baby.

Workplace hazards

Common risks that might affect you as pregnant worker or new mother in the physiotherapy workplace, and what to ask about in a risk assessment.

Understand common risks
Employers should assess risks pregnant workers and new mothers in the workplace

Employer requirements and working hours

What your employer should do and how working hours can impact on you as a new or expectant mother.

Find out what your employer should do
Lots can be done to mitigate the risks for pregnant workers and new mothers

Breastfeeding facilities

It's recommended that employers should provide suitable facilities for expressing milk – find out what the guidance is and what do do if it isn't followed.

Learn what to ask for
Employers should provide appropriate facilities for breastfeeding employees