I want to improve my patients' understanding of remote consultations

How can I improve my patients' confidence about remote consultations so they can get the most out of their sessions?

Getting started

Support patients to access resources that can improve their confidence and understanding of remote approaches.

Some great resources already exist that can be adapted to meet services' specific needs or used as they are:

  • Telerehab toolkit – advice and resources to support patients and professionals using remote consultations from the University of Plymouth.
  • Video consulting in the NHS – guidance and resources for NHS patients and clinicians to support online consultations from the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences and the University of Oxford.

Quick wins

Reflect on the resources that you are currently using to support your patients with remote consultation options:

  • Do they meet the needs of your population, or could the suggestions above help to enrich or replace your resources?
  • Could you or your team engage with patients in co-creating resources? 
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