I want to find out about health equity and inclusion

How can I give my patients the best opportunities to access services fairly and effectively?

Getting started

Develop an understanding of the population you support to help you identify if any patient groups are being excluded or disadvantaged. 

Look at local health profiles where you live:

Read this Frontline article for ideas on how to get to know your population.

If you become aware of a barrier to access or an opportunity to improve the service, feed this back to colleagues and leads.

Quick wins

Develop your understanding of health inequalities through the King’s Fund's health inequalities framework:

  • Are there any barriers preventing people from accessing your service successfully?
  • What steps can you or your team take to improve this?
  • Do you need more data to understand your population? Is there existing data you can draw on to achieve this?

Develop your understanding of local health inequalities work:

  • What are the current priorities in your area?
  • Do you have any useful data that you could share to support service development or transformation in order to meet the needs of your local population?
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