Supervision models

Supervision models are evolving to meet the needs of students, the profession and the work environment. Find below information and advice to support the review and planning of placements. 

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Practice educators

Physiotherapy practice educators facilitate, teach, supervise, assess and support students who are undertaking a placement in a setting where physiotherapists work. Higher education institutions (HEIs) provide a wealth of information to support and inform practice educators as well as provide practice education courses. The support from HEIs aim to help practice educators to:

  • prepare for student practice placements
  • supervise, educate and assess students
  • evaluate their placements
  • enhance the quality of practice education.

To find out more about local practice education courses, contact the university(s) you take students from.

Read more about student supervision:

    It is important to explain, discuss and agree with students and patients the nature, level and models of student supervision employed. This will help to clarify the needs and expectations of all parties and contribute to patient user consent processes.

    It is not enough to advise a patient that their student will be fully supervised throughout their treatment, as this may lead to the patient expecting the supervisor to be constantly present, visible and available. It is therefore important to clarify the various forms that student supervision may take, which may, at different stages in a placement, include some or a combination of the following:

    • direct observation (constant or intermittent);
    • supervision in the same room;
    • pre and post assessment check-ins with the supervisor;
    • pre and post treatment check-ins with the supervisor;
    • treatment planning and agreement;
    • checking notes;
    • supervision at specific times (eg, at the beginning and/or end of the day);
    • shared supervision with other team members;
    • long-arm telephone supervision.
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