How to offer a placement

Students are the future of this profession and it is imperative that we all play our part in supporting the next generation of physios to gain the experience they need to develop as rounded professionals.

    a group of physiotherapists at a table

    It has been great to see a number of providers contacting us to offer a student placement in their setting. If you would like to offer a placement please contact your local Physiotherapy course provider – please see the list.

    Below is the type of information you may want to include when contacting Physiotherapy course providers.

    • An overview of your service. 
      • Area of UK
      • Setting (community/ inpatient/outpatient etc)
      • Patients – Age/numbers/conditions
      • Team – Number/ experience/ profession
    • Number of placements you can take in a year and possible start dates
    • Number of students to take at one time
    • Supervision models – 1:1 , 2:1, peer learning, long arm supervision ( please see our supervision pages)
    • Duration of placement
    • Contact details (for placement lead)
    • Whether your team needs educator/further training?
    • Clinical educator availability – Numbers/ will the student be shared?
    • Previous student experience
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