Practice-based learning: resources and information

Useful resources and information to help inform and deliver practice-based learning.

  • Technology-Enabled Care Services (TECS) practice learning toolkit: this toolkit for students, educators and universities has been developed by Health Education England e-learning for healthcare (HEE elfh) and the University of Winchester. It offers a framework to prepare, supervise and evaluate students’ practice learning opportunities in a TECS environment.
  • Late-career allied health professionals supporting practice-based learning resource: this e-learning programme is aimed at AHPs who are in the later stages of their career. It provides information about how they can support the future workforce in practice and the many benefits this can bring to all learners, employers and practitioners. It is available as a free resource via Health Education England e-learning for healthcare (HEE elfh).
  • AHP Learning Placement Exchange: the AHP Placement Learning Exchange by Health Education England aims to gather useful resources and case studies of innovative placements.

  • Health and Care Professions Council blog Part 1 and Part 2: in this blog, the HCPC explores how our standards can support innovation in two key areas relating to practice-based learning: technology-enabled care services and multidisciplinary approaches to practice-based learning. 

  • Digital solutions to support practice-based learning experience: NHS Education for Scotland has provided guidance and resources to support clinical educators to provide virtual placements (including a webinar). While the guidance refers to Near Me, a video calling platform available in Scotland only, the advice and approaches offered are relevant and beneficial to all members.

  • Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists free access to online resources: students can get free access to the APCP website for the duration of their paediatric clinical placement (for a maximum of eight weeks). This includes access to live and recorded webinars, publications and journals.

Webinar recordings

  • CSP Northern regions webinar: ‘Student placements in a Covid world’ (19 August 2020)
    The panel of speakers comprised: Gill Rawlinson (assistant director, practice and development, CSP), Beth Hebbard (educator, University of Huddersfield), Nick Livadas (clinical lead at Connect Health, lecturer at Teesside University), Ben Lowes (Student Manchester Metropolitan University) and Amy Parkes and Sharon Crane (lecturers at the University of Central Lancashire).

  • Practice-based learning in the pillars of Education, Research and Leadership: Case for Change (October 2022) The panel of speakers comprised: Gareth Cornell (Regional Workforce Lead, Allied Health Professions, HEE), Deborah Wilson (Strategic AHP education lead for NHS Sussex workforce team (ICS)), Shahina Hanif (Final year physiotherapy studen, Sheffield Hallam University), Dr Sarah Elliott  (Chartered Physiotherapist Strategic AHP Workforce Lead for Kent & Medway ICS), Leesha Naisbitt (Newly qualified Paediatric Physiotherapist working in the community), Luke Egerton (Newly qualified Physiotherapist starting a Masters in Sports and Exercise Nutrition), Helen Batty (Principal Lecturer, Department of Allied Health at Sheffield Hallam University), and Imogen Beresford (rotation band 5 physiotherapist).

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