Common Placement Assessment Form (CPAF)

The Common Placement Assessment Form (CPAF) is a standardised assessment form that can be used to assess all physiotherapy students out on placement in all practice settings no matter which university they attend.  

The form has been developed collaboratively between the CSP and university, practice education and student representatives across the UK due to the many positive impacts that it aims to bring to the physiotherapy profession.

Download CPAF

The form is provided as an editable PDF so you can complete it without needing to print it out. There are three versions, which correspond to the different academic levels at university. Please discuss with the student's university the correct level of form to use. (Download the Scottish version of CPAF.)

Understand how CPAF aims to transform practice-based learning

CPAF aims to transform practice-based learning by being applicable across a wide range of settings, making it easier to take on students from different universities and empowering students to take ownership of their learning.

Find out how CPAF can help in your setting
How CPAF aims to transform practice-based learning

Watch the videos to find out how to apply CPAF in your setting

Our how-to guides are designed to support the use of the CPAF across all practice settings, so watch the videos to find out how to apply the form in your context.

Watch the how-to guides
Common Placement Assessment Form: how-to guide

Read the supporting guidance

We have developed resources to support the use of CPAF in practice settings – both for students and for the practice education team. 

Download supporting guidance
Students using the Common Placement Assessment Form