Why community rehab and recovery matters

Rehabilitation and engagement in activity are now widely recognized as critical components of long-term mental and physical health, and this is reflected in policy commitments across the UK as part of improvements to community and primary care.

a physio checking a patient on a treadmill

These commitments are set out in the NHS Long Term Plan for England, 'A Healthier Wales', ‘A Health and Care Delivery Plan in Scotland’ and the ‘Transformation Programme in Northern Ireland’.

However, access to rehabilitation services continues to be a significant barrier for many of the people who could most benefit from rehabilitation. Those recovering from injury, or living with acute or long term conditions, often struggle to access the services they need., and the pandemic has made this situation even worse. Gaps in rehabilitation provision are particularly evident outside of acute hospital settings. That is, services in community hospitals and intermediate care, in people’s homes and for residents in care homes. Expanding access to quality rehabilitation, delivered in community settings, therefore has a key role to play.

The CSP is working with members and key stakeholder organisations to make the case for transformed approaches,  improved access and increased capacity for community rehabilitation. We want to ensure that policy commitments and new resources are translated into effective action.  We know that delivering these changes will take several years and need our sustained and collective commitment. We are at the start of that journey.

We are:

  • Leading an alliance of organisations to work together on a call to action for policymakers on investment and planning of rehabilitation services and development of services to be fit for the future 
  • Setting up hip fracture networks charged with driving up quality across the whole hip fracture pathway
  • Supporting  scaling up pulmonary rehab
  • Creating physiotherapy standards for community rehabilitation, as part of a multi-professional set of community rehabilitation standards
  • Influencing planning and commissioning of community rehabilitation

  • Promoting ideas for how community rehabilitation can be transformed to be fit for the future, including to meet the new challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic

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