Costing your service

Calculating the cost of your service

Clearly articulating your service's value, impact and contribution to productivity is vital to gaining support from stakeholders.

Understanding the costs of your service and the different elements within it will show its value and efficiency. It will also help you gain stakeholder support for any proposed service improvement.

This information will help you and your finance support identify the viability of your service and any proposed development. It helps you highlight what cost savings you can make to your local healthcare provision.

Calculate the cost of your service
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Delivering cost-effective services

Increasing demand for healthcare and financial restriction means that it is essential for physiotherapy services to be able to demonstrate that they are cost effective.

Cost effectiveness is calculated by comparing the cost of an intervention with its clinical effectiveness to establish the extent to which it is providing value for money. This information can be used by commissioners to decide how to allocate limited healthcare resources.

This guide offers information on providing a cost effective physiotherapy service

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MSK First Point of Contact model

First contact physiotherapists in primary care have demonstrated that they are both clinically effective and cost effective.

Health Education England and the SCW Commissioning Support Unit have developed the MSK First Point-of-Contact Model as a tool to calculate cost and resource savings of the FCP roles.

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Physiotherapy Cost Calculator

Falls prevention: cost-effective commissioning

Public Health England has developed a resource to help commissioners and communities provide cost-effective falls prevention activities.

It pulls together evidence on the effectiveness and associated costs for interventions aimed at preventing falls in older people living in the community.

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