Rehab champions

Our rehab champions in parliament support the #RightToRehab and help us to campaign for policy and legislative change

Rehabilitation gives life to years, not just years to life

Advances in healthcare mean many more people now survive illnesses and injuries that would previously have killed them. The challenge for the government and the NHS is to now ensure people live well for longer – and rehabilitation is the key to this.

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Our rehab champions in parliament believe that rehabilitation is as essential to good health outcomes as medicines and surgery.  

In support of the #RightToRehab campaign, they work with the CSP to campaign for policy and legislative change including:   

  • Commitment to rehabilitation as an equal pillar of healthcare to medicines and surgery  
  • Improved access to high-quality community rehabilitation services for all  
  • Supporting an expansion of the rehabilitation workforce in the community including physiotherapists, support workers, allied health professionals and exercise professionals

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Become a rehab champion #RightToRehab
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