Annual Representative Conference agenda committee

The ARC agenda committee determines the business of ARC, so that the conference achieves its purpose. The committee will consider submitted motions and oversee the management of motions.

Committee membership

Committee membership 

Ishmael Beckford (chair)
Ross Armstrong (appointed by CSP Council)
Iona Bateman (student network)
Paul Battersby (professional networks)
Saadiyah Hussein (diversity networks)
Michael Mander (stewards and safety reps)
Alexandra Mackenzie (vice-chair)
Patricia McNally (country boards and regional networks)
Robert Minter (associates)
Julia Prince (appointed by CSP Council)
Fiona White (appointed by CSP Council)
Vacant (appointed by CSP Council)

Key documents

ARC agenda committee meeting dates 

  • 30 November 2023 
  • 21 March 2024 
  • 2 May 2024 
  • 18 June 2024 (in person at ARC)
  • 12 September 2024 
  • 28 November 2024 
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