Influencer inspiration: how to instigate and implement a transformational intermediate care service

In this video, CSP member Indeg Jameson shares how she and her colleagues successfully leveraged her influencing skills to secure funding and establish the first intermediate care MDT in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

The entire process, from the initial proposals to full implementation, took approximately 18 months. Initially, Indeg reached out via email to senior decision-makers within the local authority and health board, including heads of Integrated Services and Health of Unscheduled Care at Carmarthenshire County Council and Hywel Dda University Health Board.

In her communications, she highlighted the existing problems, potential causes, and outlined her proposed solutions. 

As a result of her compelling arguments, Indeg was invited to present her proposal. Following this, she was asked to prepare various detailed reports, including an options proposal that provided full cost breakdowns and referenced relevant data to support the need for and potential success of her suggested approaches. 

The approval of the new intermediate care service not only advocated for the value of physiotherapy but also demonstrated to decision-makers the broad scope of physiotherapy and care in a community setting.

This recognition underscored how such services can address many of the current challenges in health and social care. 

Significant additional work followed, including securing funding and aligning recruitment to create the now-renowned Home First service in Carmarthenshire. This service has since won two NHS Wales Awards and has led to significant improvements in the independence of patients. 

If you, like Indeg, wish to influence change, the CSP offers a variety of resources to support you, including the Influencers toolkit, as well as Rehab specific influencing guidance.

You should also join the Influencers iCSP forum where members from across the UK share examples and advice specific to influencing.

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