Video case study: Home First approach to rehab in Hywel Dda University Health Board 

A new CSP case study video highlights the effectiveness of a pioneering 'Home First' approach to rehab, which has helped reduce hospital admissions and improve patient outcomes at a health board in Wales.

The compelling case study video is available in both English and Welsh (the English language version can be viewed above, and the Welsh language version can be viewed below).

it features Indeg Jameson, a dedicated CSP member and community lead physiotherapist, who shares insights into the innovative 'Home First' integrated intermediate care service, which launched within the Hywel Dda University Health Board in October 2021.

Since then the service's groundbreaking approach has garnered numerous accolades for its effectiveness. 

The video  also includes insightful comments from lead specialist physiotherapists Leanne Walters and Adele Davies, who underscore the remarkable impact of early physiotherapy and reablement on enhancing patient outcomes. 

The health board's  Intermediate Care Service operates seamlessly through a centralised Intermediate Care Multi-Disciplinary Team (ICMDT).

The ICMDT comprises a comprehensive network including GP’s, district and specialist nurses, community allied health professionals (AHP’s), social workers, and various other key stakeholders, whose collaborative effort is dedicated to proactive, preventative, and crisis-responsive approaches. 

Their goal? To maximise the number of healthier days that patients spend in the comfort of their homes, thereby minimising unnecessary hospital admissions and facilitating swift hospital discharges. 

Guided by rehab frameworks

Since its inception, this service has been guided by two significant frameworks: the HEIW All-Wales community rehabilitation best practice standards (September 2023), in which the CSP played an instrumental role in development, and the Community Rehabilitation Alliance’s (CRA) Community Rehabilitation Standards (October 2023).

Indeg and her team rigorously applied these frameworks, actively engaging in audits and continuous improvements. Notably, they take immense pride in meeting all seven recommendations set forth by the CRA. 

Their outstanding commitment to providing personalised care closer to home was acknowledged and celebrated at the prestigious 2022 NHS Wales Awards.

The team's exceptional efforts were honoured with not just one but two awards: the coveted accolade for Delivering Person-Centred Services and the distinguished special award for Outstanding Contribution to Transforming Health and Care. 

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