Become a physiotherapy influencer at vPUK

Become a member of the iCSP Influencers Network and benefit from the influencing stories of others, enjoy opportunities for you to exchange ideas with fellow members and learn from each other.

Find out more about influencing from members who are part of the network at a special session at this year's vPUK. 

Lakshman Thuraisingham, matron for quality at Portsmouth Hospitals Trust and a Member of the iCSP Influencers Network, will be sharing his influencing journey at a special vPUK session on Friday 13 November (session 4, Network Hall 1 from 6 – 7.30pm) entitled ‘Start your journey to influence change for you, your patients and the profession’.

Lakshman will be joined by another member of the network, Cate Leighton, divisional director at Portsmouth Hospitals Trust so that together, along with other members who have excellent examples of influencing, they can help inspire your ideas.

Whether you want to transform services, influence workforce modelling, request an increase in funding or pursue a new role that will make a difference to how physiotherapy services are delivered, this session will hopefully act as a springboard for your ambitions.

The session will cover:

  • An insight into influencing at all levels internally and externally
  • How influencing is defined and methods of influencing to achieve your goals
  • Lakshman’s personal journey and what barriers he had to overcome
  • Insight from members in leadership positions on how to empower other members to ‘think outside of the box’ with their ideas and ambitions – for patients, for the profession and for individual careers

The session will be workshop based so that you can shape your own influencing strategy and identify the first steps to get you started on your way to achieving your ambitions. The CSP’s campaigns and regional engagement team will also be on-hand both during and after the session to give you support and advice with plans that you develop to take forward after vPUK.

So, please come along and share how you would like influence to change and get support and advice from fellow members and the CSP.

Following the session, Lakshman will post a blog on this network about his story so that all members, whether attending the session or not, can benefit from his tips and advice.

To whet your appetite for the topics Lakshman will be covering, here is an excerpt from his blog post:

As a respiratory physio working in the acute hospital setting during the pandemic, I could see what patients were leaving our hospital doors to face in the outside world and the rehab needs they would continue to have. I could also see the need to continue to provide rehabilitation and reablement services to patients that had long term conditions, as well as patients presenting to the hospital without COVID…

...I approached the director of discharge services with a proposal to create a role to transform the pathway between acute and community. I researched relevant job descriptions and was awarded with a secondment backed by winter pressures funding to work within the integrated discharge services and the intermediate care team. I held meetings with important stakeholders, including community partners who belong to different trusts, to start a review of the system and to identify changes that needed to be made

To read Lakshman’s full story and benefit from his tips and advice – watch out for the full blog post on this network w/c 16 November.

Also watch out for future blogs from Lakshman as he shares his journey of influencing, the barriers he faced and how he overcame them.

In the meantime please book your ticket to vPUK here - and make sure your avatar comes along to session 4, Network Hall 1 on Friday 13 November at 6pm.

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