Move on NHS constitution fails to address the issues facing NHS

The Department of Health and Social Care has announced a consultation on proposed changes to the NHS Constitution for England, which would lead to the exclusion of trans women from women only wards and allow patients to request not to be treated by trans staff. 

Trans flag waving in the wind - demonstrating solidarity

Commenting on the proposed changes to the constitition, CSP policy director Rob Yeldham said: ‘Polling is showing that the state of the NHS is one of the public's top priorities. The government should be focussing on bringing down waiting lists, recruiting more physios and support workers and on transforming rehab.'

The CSP opposes trans exclusionary healthcare as matter of principle. So, it is deeply disappointing to see the government seeking to use the NHS constitution to push a divisive agenda.

The NHS Confederation, which represents NHS organisations, has also expressed concerns. Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the NHS Confederation said:

‘What is absolutely clear at this stage is that a focus on high quality care for all is maintained and that the NHS is not dragged into a pre-election culture wars debate. This is not where energies should be focused.’

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