Share your views on a standardised uniform for NHS staff in England

The CSP is encouraging members to respond to a consultation on proposed changes to NHS uniforms in England.  

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NHS Supply Chain have proposed a new national uniform for all NHS Staff in England

The National Healthcare Uniform - Workforce Consultation opened on 14 April and is now seeking views from NHS staff, to ascertain how much support there is for a national uniform and to also gain an understanding of the various requirements a standardised uniform would need to meet.  

The consultation aims to collect feedback about two main questions:  

  1. whether you agree with a national uniform approach  
  2. what garment styles and features you require for a uniform to be considered well designed and fit for purpose  

The idea for a new national uniform has been proposed by NHS Supply Chain: Hotel Services, who launched their National Healthcare Uniform Project in 2019, to scope initial reactions to their proposal from patients and healthcare staff.  

They have suggested that a national uniform would ‘offer a strong national identity and utilise the buying power of the NHS by delivering cost savings’.  


However, the CSP has written to NHS Supply Chain and NHS England & NHS Improvement, in a joint letter that had been co-signed by other AHP professional organisations, to express dissatisfaction about their lack of communication with key stakeholders, prior to the consultation opening.  

CSP raises concerns over timing and approach of project  

Joint letter co-signed by CSP about NHS uniform consultation in England
CSP has written a joint letter, co-signed by other AHP professional organisations, to express concerns about the project

Jim Fahie, assistant director of CSP Employment Relations and Union Support,  said: 'The CSP is concerned that trade unions and professional bodies have not been adequately informed or involved in these potential changes to NHS uniforms in England

Particularly disappointing was that trade unions were not given the time needed for us to have meaningful discussions with our members about uniforms in the workplace


‘There is all the more reason then for members to consider the impact of these proposed changes with your colleagues, before responding frankly and in full with NHS Supply Chain’s consultation.   

‘The CSP will continue working with the other AHP trade unions and profession bodies to make sure NHS workers’ interests are properly represented in the consultation, and that our members are properly supported through any changes.’  


What do you think?  

Have your say before the consultation closes on 31 May 2021

The CSP is encouraging members to participate in the survey - but also wants them to consider the following questions, before they respond to the consultation:  

  • how might the proposed uniform change impact on your current professional identity?   
  • could the proposed change have an effect on the profile of physiotherapy/physiotherapy staff where you work?  
  • will the proposed changes provide you with a uniform that is fit for purpose?  

Members can access the National Healthcare Uniform - Workforce Consultation survey here  

The consultation closes on 31 May. 

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