CSP concerned over NI hike to fund health and social care

The CSP criticised the government’s announcement today that it would use national insurance to fund social care and address NHS pressures.


The government claimed today that the 1.25 per cent NI hike will help clear a backlog in NHS operations and treatment that has seen waiting lists soar to over five million, and boost capacity in the future.

But the CSP argued that while increased investment was welcome, concerns remained that the proposed funding model may not be sustainable in the long-term.

Rob Yeldham, policy director at the CSP,  said: ‘While we support more funding for health, rehab and social care it isn’t clear that the amounts being discussed will address the spiralling care backlogs and enable much needed improvements.

‘Focusing only on funding misses a vital opportunity to improve access, quality and levels of rehab and social care. We are disappointed the government is not addressing the need for better care.

‘Social care should be provided on the basis of need, be free at the point of use and funded on a fair basis like the NHS.

‘Hiking up national insurance is not a fair way to reform funding and widens inequity. National insurance only applies to the self-employed and employees and is capped for higher earners.’

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