CSP calls for Covid testing extension for physios and support workers

The Department of Health and Social Care in England has today announced an extension of Covid-19 testing for care staff.


In response the CSP has urged ministers in all four UK countries to extend weekly testing to many asymptomatic healthcare staff.

Commenting, CSP policy director Rob Yeldham said:

Regular testing is important to keep patients, healthcare workers, families and colleagues safe.

'Extending weekly asymptomatic testing to care workers is a step forward, but it must also cover NHS and independent sector healthcare staff, including physios and rehab support workers, who provide care in homes. Not to include them would undermine the approach.'

As testing capacity becomes available, the CSP wants to see weekly testing extended to healthcare staff in all settings who are:

  • themselves likely to be at higher risk, for example black staff and those with long term health conditions
  • treating Covid- positive patients
  • treating patients in higher risk groups.

The CSP is particularly concerned of reports that some patients and carers are declining community health services because of fear of Covid-19 being spread by healthcare workers.

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