Joint call on prime minister to unblock NHS workforce plan

40 health charities, professional bodies, unions and the NHS Confederation have today joined forces to urge the prime minister to publish a funded workforce plan for healthcare in England.

The organisations have warned the prime minster that his promises to improve the NHS will not be met unless the workforce crisis is addressed.

The workforce plan was originally earmarked for publication in spring 2022 but has still not been published. Media speculation suggests that there is a disagreement between the Treasury and Department for Health and Social Care on the scale of the staffing needed for the NHS and other sectors.

In the letter, which was coordinated by the CSP, it makes it clear that across all sectors, professions, specialities, condition pathways and services there are mass vacancies and insufficient numbers of staff to meet current and future needs.

Commenting on the approach, CSP director of policy Rob Yeldham said: 'Waiting lists are growing and needs are increasing all the time.

The CSP estimates that an additional 12,000 physios are required to meet rehab needs.

'Every day of delay in committing to action to increase the rehab workforce extends waiting times for rehab for patients. We need the government to commit to a fully funded workforce plan now.'

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