Chair of council encourages other members to step forward and take on his ‘hugely rewarding’ role

CSP Council chair Ishmael Beckford has today announced that he will not be seeking re-election to council due to changing work commitments.


Ishmael said: ‘In normal circumstances I would have loved to have sought re-election to council and would have if I was able to continue to give the role the time it deserves. But unfortunately, my work situation has changed significantly following the merger of my employer with another healthcare provider. It isn’t viable for me to fulfil the council role as I would want to past my current term.

‘I am sad to not be able to continue past this year, as there is a lot of work still to do in driving our profession forward, but I have found my time on council and as chair hugely rewarding if challenging at times.

A role on council remains a great way to develop your leadership skills, influence the profession and give something back to our great physiotherapy community

‘I have learned a lot, and I am grateful for the opportunities it has presented me to develop both personally and professionally. So, I would recommend it to all those considering putting themself forward in the upcoming elections. I am otherwise looking forward to council achieving as much as we can for members over the coming months.’

Ishmael works as a director at a large independent sector healthcare provider. He is the first Black CSP chair. Prior to his election to council, he was the CSP diversity networks nominated council co-optee.


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