CSP Council elections in 2024

There are seven CSP Council seats up for election this year, could one of them be yours? 

CSP Council seats up for election in 2024

Would you like to help shape the future of the CSP and the profession? If this is something you would like to do but you think you don’t have the knowledge or experience, then think again. What makes an effective council member is not only knowledge – as this can be learnt – but how you approach the work. 

The role has a full induction programme, and you will be supported throughout by the CSP governance team, leadership team and fellow council members.

So read on and find out more about council and the election process, you may have just what it takes to be on the next CSP Council.

Why become a council member?

Being a council member is;

  • a great development opportunity.
  • a chance to be heard and to influence the future of the profession.
  • a commitment of your time and energy.
  • for those with dedication, enthusiasm, and passion for physiotherapy.

For career and leadership development, it is important to take the opportunity to learn and develop new skills from activities outside of your paid job.

We need a diverse council

It is essential that our council has a diverse membership so that:

  • it is reflective of the whole CSP.
  • it is able to stay informed and responsive to the needs of the sector.
  • so that debate is encouraged and decision making improved.

Members can bring invaluable experience and perspectives to council from a range of different backgrounds, life experiences and career paths. We need diversity of thought on council. All sections of the CSP membership are encouraged to stand for election.

    What council does

    Council provides leadership for the physiotherapy profession. It identifies and agrees CSP policy and strategy, and is responsible for the governance of the organisation. Its work is supported by four committees.

    Head to the CSP website to find out more about council, with biographies from current members, focus points from recent meetings and information about the different committees.

    See the council member role description, personal specification and read more about what our council members do on the CSP election webpages.

    The CSP supports its elected council members

    All elected members receive a full induction covering the CSP’s organisational structure, governance, finance, risk and more.

    • You will be buddied up with an existing council member to support you in your first year.
    • You will gain increased knowledge of the profession to enable you to work on behalf of the whole membership. 
    • With the continuous support of the CEO and directors you will have increased exposure to the work of the CSP to enable you to guide its strategy.
    • You will develop your strategic thinking, communication, decision-making, team-working, and leadership skills.

      What is the time commitment for sitting on council?

      Council terms of office are four years, starting at the AGM after you are elected.

      Council has six business meetings per year, three in-person full day meetings and three virtual half day meetings. 

      Electronic meeting packs are provided to council a week before the meeting. These contain information on all the points to be discussed to enable members to prepare for their input. 

      There are also up to two development sessions per year, which may be in-person or virtual.

      Council members attend events such as the CSP Annual Conference, the Annual Representative’s Conference and the CSP AGM.

      All your council member costs are covered

      All your out-of-pocket expenses involved in serving as a council member are reimbursed, including travel and subsistence costs, childcare costs and overnight accommodation if required.

      Talk to a current council member 

      The best way to find out what it’s really like being a council member is to speak to one. They will be able to tell you about how much time is involved, their experience and what they get from it. All their email addresses are listed on the council webpage (www.csp.org.uk/council) where you can make contact to arrange a chat. 

      You can also contact the governance team for information at governance@csp.org.uk

      The governance ream is hosting some informal, virtual sessions for members thinking about nominating themselves for council and wanting to find out more. These can be attended anonymously. Dates for these will be posted on the CSP election webpages.

      To nominate yourself for council you will need to:

      • complete an application on the CSP website.
      • secure six proposers who are CSP members to support your nomination.
      • provide a 350-word election address.

      Members who require additional support in completing the nominations application form can contact the governance team for help.

      Nominations open on 18 March and close on 13 May.

      Think about the 2024 council elections as part of your personal development plan. 

      Think about what you could give to the profession, but also what you could take from an experience of serving on council.

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