CSP Council election results – six new faces

CSP Council chair Alex MacKenzie has congratulated the successful candidates elected to council.

2021 CSP Council election winners
Newly elected CSP Council members top (L-R): Alexandra Spearritt, Gemma Scott and Ishmael Beckford and bottom (L-R): Justine Croxton, Leanne Antoine and Reshma Patel

‘I am delighted to welcome the new council members from what was a strong field of candidates.

‘It is great to have such a range of people with different experiences of our profession to serve on Council.

‘I look forward to working with them all.’

The successful candidates are: Leanne Antoine, Ishmael Beckford, Justine Croxton, Reshma Patel, Gemma Scott and Alexandra Spearritt.

They will take up their role from the 2021 annual general meeting in November.

Existing members

The elected members are in addition to six of the current council members whose term continues: Alex Mackenzie, James Benson, Sarah Morton, Karen Robb, Marie-Clare Wadley and Katie Wilkie.

A total of 18 members were nominated to stand for the six vacant council places. Voting took place in June with 4,378 CSP members voting.

Thank you

CSP head of governance Nicola Ebdon thanked those members who took part. 

‘As a member-led organisation, we are grateful to all members who voted and played a part in the governance of the CSP. But we are disappointed with the overall turnout, as this is lower than we saw in the 2018 elections, when 6,375 members voted.

'We recognise that there are many demands placed on our members at this time and that we work within the constraints of trade union legislation which requires us to use postal voting.

'We will be looking into possible reasons why less members voted this time, alongside reviewing ways to engage more members in the future.'

The new council members will be profiled in the August edition of Frontline and on the CSP website.

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