The value of chartership 

Charlotte Hayers, band 5 MSK physiotherapist at Crawley Hospital, Sussex Community Trust, discusses how she has found great value in her chartered physiotherapist status. 

'To be a chartered physiotherapist makes me proud of everything I have achieved because it is a protected title.

'Being a member of the CSP community has allowed me to become a part of regional network groups, given me opportunities to attend events, network with the wider profession and has given me a voice to make change.  

Charlotte Hayers
Charlotte Hayers

'It gives me a feeling of pride for the profession as you are trusted to promote health and wellbeing to the highest standard. 

When patients see my CSP badge it inspires confidence and credibility, allowing me to empower them to achieve their best quality of life.  

'It is important for physiotherapists to be chartered because this is your protection when you are practicing as a physiotherapist in case you need further guidance and support. It is also an essential prerequisite for future employment.  

'My message to those who have just graduated or are near to completing their course would be: becoming chartered is a great first step because of the invaluable benefits and support it provides.

'You can network with a wider community, access research and libraries, join various training courses, utilise the online resource iCSP, keep your CPD portfolio organised and up to date, and even get exclusive deals and discounts. Being a member of this large and supportive organisation helps you to effect change for the future of the industry.'

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