This is the community area of the website where you can share your knowledge, based on connecting peers who have a clinical or other interest in common. In short, it’s physiotherapy for and by physiotherapists, physiotherapy assistants and students.

iCSP provides CSP members with access to a wide range of online physiotherapy communities, which we call ‘networks’. They cover clinical and occupational interests, treatment modalities and other professional or employment themes. Each network provides access to discussions, documents and other resources.

Members can join whichever networks relate to their interests and can leave them at any time and can add content, join existing discussions, or simply find out what their peers are thinking and doing.

With the largest networks now exceeding 14 000 subscribers iCSP has, over the last 13 years, grown into an invaluable source of clinical and professional know-how. It is easy to use and is searchable, it includes summaries of the latest content and sends subscribers regular email bulletins of new content on their networks.

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