CSP opposes proposed charges for NHS care in Scotland

The BBC has today revealed that health officials in Scotland have discussed a controversial range of options to help finance the NHS in Scotland. These include reintroducing prescription charges, limiting drug availability and introducing charges for care for some patients.

Scotland physiotherapist
A physiotherapist with a patient in Scotland

Responding CSP policy director Rob Yeldham said: 'These discussions reveal that the NHS in Scotland is under resourced, like the NHS in other UK nations.

NHS treatment should always be free at the point of use and provided on the basis of medical need. The wealthiest should pay more but through a fair system of general taxation, not charges for those unlucky enough to need healthcare


'CSP will oppose any move to charging some patients for care. This could lead over time to Scottish healthcare becoming a two-tier system with only a minimal safety net for the poorest.'

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